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Optimize your blogger blog for better rank

As we all learned and read about the SEO and social traffic,these ideas can bring much traffic to your blog/website.There are somethings to know about the submission.You must learn how to properly and ethically optimize and submit your Web pages/blogs in order to get enough ranking and listings. If you do proper you will be in Search Engine's Front page. Optimizing incorrectly can cause your entire Website/blog to be blacklisted in search engines.And your site/blog will get banned!!.Never mind.There are some new and accurate factors for perfect Search Engine Optimization.

Search Engine Submission does not mean that everyone on the Internet will find you.It is a process to letting know the crawler,that your product is launched.Sometimes,even after a clear submission Web pages may not be easily found in search engines.This may because of many reasons.Factors like Meta Charset Tag (Meta Tag),Title Tags,Meta Description Tags can play a role in crawling your page/blog. Nowadays submitting to search engines and Social traffic processes are almost free, allows a free submission.These kind of submission without Proper analysis may cost big in future.But even after that if we do somethings,it will be great successful and proper.

After submitting to free submissions,just do some small(but effective)actions in your WEBSITE or BLOG.You know,Sometimes simple HTML errors on this Web page/blog which could severely affect its search engine visibility and ranking. I personally recommend that, these problems be corrected before submitting to search engines.

I am not telling you things in 1.2.3. order.Its simple,and you can completely follow.One of the main thing is ,you should keep a perfect title.I recommend maximum number of characters for TITLE is 60.And that should be search engine friendly.Do not use only keywords in TITLE(eg:BLOGGER WIDGETS PROGRAMMING WITH C++)it should be like BLOGGER WIDGETS or WIDGETS PROGRAMMING or C++ WIDGETS.The best Title is the most basic step toward search engine optimization.

Meta Description Tags in blogs/web pages, must be used perfectly.Otherwise many search engines will not include your blog in their search engine.In this case,I can give you a helping hand by giving one of the best ever Meta Tag Builder in Hope you work on that.I have perfectly scripted the exact place to you.Its totally free.

Use of Meta Keywords Tags in your blog can make the
to interpret in your page.The crawler is a system or algorithm,that touches and Scans your page.And later it produces the output back to the end user(That's what i say about crawlerism!!).A crawlers vision is different than how a human sees a page.You must put better Meta Keywords for your blog's success.keywords are important and relevant in order to provide quality search results any time.A good search engine needs good keys and trees(trees of topics).I know scrubtheweb's wordtracker2 tool is probably one of the most important helper.

Even though images are not accessible by crawlers,but it help you on rankings.Giving a perfect IMG ALT Tag can make your effort double.

Another major factor that deals with traffic and rankings is
Movie Clicks
Traffic.Submit a moviebit to moviehosts brings you much traffic.If you can do much more in MovieClicks traffic,you will get at least 1000 traffic a day.You need to goto
METACAFE,you can also use
or any one.Browse millions of videos uploaded by community members.Get unique topics.Think how to make a shot(By getting a rare video,you can attract more people).Then Upload it ,make a good tag and share videos worldwide.Find,join and create video groups to connect with people around the world.Subscribe to uploaded videos,create playlists.Embed videos into websites using special video embed code.What all you can do with this!?.I am sure that you will get successes after a good movieclick process.

Things to note about MovieClicks Traffic are :video pages appear in Google's search results,so if you make a link in video with your blog,you done half of a work.There is no limit to the number of videos you can upload,So keep working on MovieClicks Traffic.Director's Account in YOUTUBE is for videobloggers.So now you know how MovieClicks Traffic plays a role.You must add your website/blog name in all videos you upload so it's easy for people to remember and find you.Thus you gets a lot of traffic,MovieClicks Traffic.There are currently no reported issues with MovieClicks Traffic at this time.

best seo
can make your effort come true.Give good keywords in order
It can bring company Kersoft's software technical site OR Japan's collge of technology.So hope you like my article.Let me present much more.give your comments.You can collect more from email subscription too.

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