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Crawler - a Review
Crawlerism in Detail
I just gave name "Crawlerism" for a fun,but actually it is much more than that.Search Engines can make simple part and portion of typed (or even copied) work into some revenue.But as the crawlers are concerned,the y never accept copied products.They will reject what they have seen before.Its really interesting to talk about a Crawler.

Crawling is the main part of search engine process.These materials are known as spiders.When they search for the content you submitted,you are getting crawled.

A crawler is also known as a web robot.It actually is a program rather an algorithm which browses the internet seeking for web pages and several web contents.They always search in the web for fresh data.
The crawler begins its work in a web page, with taking its url,title,keys etc, and then seeks for hyperlinks.Hyperlinks are links made in HTML language.Then the crawler browses those links and moves on its way.So its quite important that we need to have perfect links in our page.certain simple efforts can make a good result.Check
if you want to know about that.

In the a case of a crawler TEXTING is a must thing.That need powerful and fresh texts in the page. Letters in bold or italic, font colors, font size, paragraphs and tables are some factors in crawlers process.Actually a crawler converting all your HTML files TO XML files.So they can make use of that.

Many of the website owners(not professional) and bloggers are unaware of the fact,how those results end up there,from where they are coming.The crawlers saves a copy of the visited page so they could easily index it later.So a Crawler is a spider or robot too.These are programmed and completely should know some interesting

I am just going back to the past.Tell the history of Crawlers.The first crawler was the World Wide Web Wander in 1993.Was developed by MIT and it's purpose was to measure the growth and development of the web.In the beginning time Crawlers can only index specific bits of web page such as meta tags.Then many expert programmers and excellent geeks made the Crawler a RoboSpider of this century.As a result now they are able to index other information, including text, ALT tags, images and even other non-HTML content such as PDF , .DOC files and more.

AS i said the a crawlers process begins with an authorized (submitted) URL.The crawler never
, it only goes out and gets copies of pages, and forwards to the search engine to later index and ranking according to various aspects.The major well known crawlers are GOOGLEBOT , MSNBOT and SLURP.When they comes to your website, they request a file called "robots.txt."This robots.txt file has commands of which files the Crawler can request, and which files or directories it's not allowed to visit.The "robot" file can used to limit specific spiders access to any or all of the site, and can also be used to control how many times the crawler visits the site.If you do not have a "robot.txt" file , crawler will assume it is OK to index your site.The crawler Googlebot, is built upon a text based web browser called Lynx.It is important that,i must tell you one thing also.Before submitting you must check your site with hardware issues, platforms and browsers.Because these crawlers often make conflict with Web servers,Internet Explorers,Firefox,Mozilla Explorers.

Even then If your platform or any other aspect creates an issue, and it denies crawling,Do not worry.The crawlers are smart enough to leave and come back later and try again.Hope we shared something.If you like this article,you want share something ,please ,Let me know that.

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Anonymous said...

Nice article

psy man said...

Could you plz tell about ,seo on post labels

sanker said...

In Blogger make your Blog Post Title show First on search engines then page Title.Thus you can make a good amount of traffic

jeez said...

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What you have said is excellent.

psy man said...

Plz tell me .How to make Blog post SEO success.
You are not specified in your article

sanker said...

Actually it is just a trick.That's i kept it.That article (seo from search engines) was above rated one than this by articlebase.Any way trick is you must take a proper backup
In the edit HTML page find this tag


replace it with

*b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == "index"'**title**data:blog.pageTitle/**/title**b:else/**title**data:blog.pageName/* ~ *data:blog.title/**/title**/b:if*

This will do.enquiry,comment here

replace * sign with <>

sanker said...

Thanx for being online now friends.We made it a chat.hope you come again