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Doing sufficient optimization for your blog::

make your BLOGSPOT blog rich.

1. The title of your blog: You keep it only one word, yes this will help to avoid conflicts between the post title and the blog title. So, only one or two words on the BLOG TITLE.

2. External links: When you write a new post, don't add an external link in the first paragraph, you can add that link after the third paragraph.

3. Write daily: SEARCH ENGINES likes updatable blogs with daily fresh content, you can write a post per day

. 4. Get links to your blog: This is the most important strategy for your BLOG, you should get high quality links to your blog from High ranked WEBSITES. You can do it by submitting articles to FREE DIRECTORIES and buzzle "My favorites".
5. Ping options: This service alert the internet users when you add more posts to your blog, just ping your Blog with any FREE ONLINE TOOLS
6. Feed Burner: You should also register with FEEDS to add a subscription function for your visitors to keep them in touch with your blog. 7. Blog archive: Don't use monthly or weekly archive, just use the drop-down archive to avoid indexing of any duplicated content.load
How Blogroll gives a good rank

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