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Adding meta tags in your blog,will make your blog get high rankings in search engines.Traditional search engines like GOOGLE,YAHOO,MSN all are interested in meta tags.All you need do to get started is create to meta tags first, and once accepted they will assist you to be in the top rankings.
Notice I said that your blog needs to be indexed first. That’s because Google has a few rules that need to be adhered to in order for your blog to be indexed. This is neccessary to keep its crawlers happy and raise the standards of good search results.

Unlike the time and effort involved in tough seo, designing of templates, building and hosting a blog, setting up an account with Google AdWords,
this meta tagging is quick and simple.It is providing some good results for users.If you do it correctly and perfectly your blog will be on the first page of search engines.apply some easy steps for that.

Add these meta tags to your blog's source.Take a backup before editing the html source.

Then, place it in between the ..... section near the top part of your template XML code. It's best to put it just below the <data:blog.pageTitle/> code

Its there.Simply make your blog to get maximum traffic from search engines.You should know this... Google is one of the most successful and big companies online, in a similar league to Yahoo and MSN. Next time you use Googlesearch, type a search term linked to your keywords of blog,You can see your blog in first page.There are many things to notice in blog's titles also.Try all these tricks ,you will have your page indexed in goole successfully.