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An Explanation tip is a footnote at the bottom of the page in a book. While reading a book if you see a symbol like an asterisk ,your gaze is automatically diverted to the foot of the page for the detailed explanation.In New Blogger every post is an independant page. You can also put Footnotes in your post using HTML tags.If you have statement like " Bethoven's symphony* is great".The reader will look for the explanation tip for "SYMPHONY*".You can also add numbers in that place for direct the readers to an explanation field.

It is done by using the superscript tag.Type the


code in Edit Html tab of Post Editor when creating your post and you will get the letters enclosed above your line.When the reader comes across such a superscript when reading a book he automatically looks at the bottom of the page for details on explanation tip. In a web page this is done by converting '1' into an anchor link pointing to the footer of the page. To do this ,use this code :

<a href='#SYMPHONY TIP'>1</a>

Now the number is converted into a link. The full code is :

<a href='#SYMPHONY TIP'><sup>1</sup></a> .

Now you must provide a target for the link so that when the readers clicks on '1' the page rolls down immediately to the Explanation tip at the bottom. At the bottom of your post type

<a name='HTML'>SYMPHONY TIP</a>

Check this out by clicking on '1' at the top and the page will roll down immediately to the explanation at the bottom.
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