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You all know,there are specialized websites designed to help people find the information they need quickly and easily on the internet.These sites generally known as Search engines.[Google,Yahoo,ask]
Search engines have different approaches in optimize the regular pages.They all are combined and automated circuit for redefined search.They are made of powerful algorithms.

Search Engines usually Searches the internet based on important words[keywords].They Keep an index of what they find and where found them.Allow users to look for words or combinations of words on their site.The key to a search engine's success lies in special programs called "crawlers" - automated virtual robots - that build lists of words that can be found on a web page or website. They are usually sent out from a central computer and aimed at popular websites and servers that experience heavy use. The crawler crawl over the web page, cataloging the words and links , and then creating an index or listing of "key search words" that online users can use to find the pages they are looking for.

Search engines are automated powerful systems to provide more convenience and faster response times to their users.They crawl the webpages with the use of "meta-tags" - key words on a web page that makes a page easier for a spider to index.Making Sense of the Data - Indexing the WordsOnce the spiders have collected the data, these are processed and stored by the search engine in a way that makes it easy for people to access them.Thus search engines makes the work of end users much easier.