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Step 1: Download any port Scanner
(i prefer Super Scan, IP scanner, gfi LAN net security scanner)

Step 2: First Get your IPGo to Command prompt type ipconfig /allHit enter.
You will see your IP as a clients IP.suppose its

Step 3: write your iIP in IP scanner Software and scan for alive IPs in the below range
start: to End:

Step 4: Then check in your scanner which alive IPs has the port 80 open or 23 for telnet.

Step 5: if port 80 is open then Enter that IP in your web browserif 23 port is open then u should know how to telnet it from cmd........

Step 6: It asks for user ID AND password type
username =admin
password =admin or password

It is the default password for most of the routers.if denied then use on another alive IP

Step 7: If success then it will show router settings page of that IP user

There go to Home -> Wan Setting and the username and password of his account will appear

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