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GPRS Settings
Connection name: IDEA_GPRS
Data Bearer: GPRS
Access point name: imis
User name:
Prompt password: No
Authentication: Normal
Connection security: Off
Session mode: Permanent
Proxy serv. address:

Select Services, Choose IdeaFreshGPRS as the default access point.
MMS Settings

Connection name: IDEA_MMS
Data Bearer: GPRS
Access point name: mmsc
User name:
Prompt password: No
Authentication: Normal Homepage =
Proxy serv. address:

Select IDEA_MMS as default Access point in Multimedia settings.


OTA Settings for OTA handsets

There are certain mandatory parameters for GPRS/MMS settings which needs to configure in every handset to enable it for GPRS/MMS servcies. These parameters are;

GPRS Settings

APN = imis ( in small letters)
Data Bearer = GPRS
Proxies = Enable
IP Address/Proxy Address =
Port No./Proxy Port No. = 9201 ( for WAP 1.0 handset ), 8080 (for WAP 2.0 handset)
Homepage =


GPRS Modem Settings

GPRS = When Needed
APN = internet (in small letters)
Out of the above, some parameters which are optional for some handsets like Proxies and Port No. These depend upon the handset capability itself. In GPRS settings, the profile name or the connection name can be any thing. Normally for WAP, we keep IdeaFreshGPRS and for MMS, it is IDEA_MMS. These GPRS settings can be at different places in different handsets e.g. in Nokia, this is at Services, in Samsung, this is at FunBox, in Sony Ericsson, in Data Connection/Wap Browing..and so on. And the MMS settings are normally at the Multimedia Message Settings part. So you need to find the proper place to feed in the right settings at right place.
To access wireless Internet you require

A GPRS handset (There are many GPRS handsets available in the market today).
Subscription to IDEA services.
Laptop or PDA or any other device you want wireless connectivity to.
Bluetooth/data cable/Infrared through which you can achieve connectivity between you handset and the other device.

To activate shackle free wireless Internet service by using your GPRS handset as a Modem

Just contact our customer care on 12345 from your mobile phone or 9812012345 from anywhere and ask them to provision you for wireless Internet.
Activating Idea Wireless Internet on your Laptop.

Adding a modem

To install a Modem driver, you must first install the Modem Setup Program on your Laptop/ PC from the CD provided with your mobile. During installation, keep your handset connected with the PORT (Bluetooth) of the device or thru data cable or thru Infrared. After installation, restart your Laptop/ PC.

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