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ricky martin

You, remember me
Like I remember you.
To spend your life...
Go back in you life, to the time...

I, I walk the streets Alone.
I can feel you on my own.
Everyone can see that...
I really felt, I Don't Know where you're at.
But You're With Somebody Else.

Somebody wants you
Somebody needs you
Somebody dreams about you every single Night.
Somebody Can't Breathe
Without You its Lonely
Somebody hopes that someday you will see...

That somebody's me

Somebody is me

How, How can we go on.
It was so good, but now it's gone.
I pray at night, that i'd pass someone nice
And, I've Been so Lost.
You were always right here when I was.


You'll Always be in my Life,
And if I'm not your Life
You're in my Memory.
You, You Remember Me
And Before You Set Me Free.
Listen Please.

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Anonymous said...

its good.try to post rare lyrics