Best blogging tips and web technology tips in varun's blog


To make your Blog successful, it is important to know visits your blog. From where traffic comes, what visitors do when they visit it, to count daily or total visitors, what keywords they use in search engine to get your blog, how long they stay on and other statistical data such as country,Browser type.There are a number of free solutions in web. ------------------------
1.STATCOUNTER:: StatCounter is totally free web tracker. It freely evaluates visitors. Just follow 4 steps to get started. Register->Create a project->Insert the code in website or blog->Now analyse stats.

2.SITEMETER::SiteMeter is a free and easy way to add web counter to your web page. It also freely track last visitors. It provides detail information of visitors. After creating a free account paste the code in your blog. One unique components you will get in SiteMeter is Traffic Estimator which will give you traffic estimates for coming day based on former site traffic.
3.W3counter::W3Counter is a free web tracker for your Website or Blog. You will get which sites and search queries bring the traffic. Most featured component here, you can watch a live view of what your visitors are doing just now. analytics::Google Analytics is also free web tracker. It can handles both beginner user and experienced web professional. It helps you to find out what keywords are needed to get more traffic. To get started you must have Google Account. It identifies areas for modification to get more clicks from visitors.

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