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Here are some commonly asked interview questions and how you can face them

1) Tell me about yourself - As you begin to talk about yourself, remember to give a brief history about your past-where were you born, studied, hobbies, and then move on to mentioning some positives about you as a worker and employee e.g.. Hard worker, excited, energetic, fast learner etc.

2) What kind of work are you looking for? - If you already know what this position and job will offer you, and this is really what you are interested in doing, mention it. Be excited and talk from your heart.

3) Why there are gaps in your work history?
- What are the reasons for your being out of work in between your total work history-You could say that each of those situations helped you tom become stronger and face challenges. You need each of those stages for studying and social volunteering.

4) Tell us about your weaknesses - Start by saying that you too have some shortcomings just like all human beings. You could cite an example by saying you tend to work extra hard often ignoring the need to take a break-The trick is to mention a weakness which will actually go in favor of you.

5) Will you be comfortable handling this position - You could say that you are a fast learner and can easily adapt to your surroundings. Lastly, mention that you have extended skills to do this job well.

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