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Crawler - a Review
Crawlerism in Detail
I just gave name "Crawlerism" for a fun,but actually it is much more than that.Search Engines can make simple part and portion of typed (or even copied) work into some revenue.But as the crawlers are concerned,the y never accept copied products.They will reject what they have seen before.Its really interesting to talk about a Crawler.

Crawling is the main part of search engine process.These materials are known as spiders.When they search for the content you submitted,you are getting crawled.

A crawler is also known as a web robot.It actually is a program rather an algorithm which browses the internet seeking for web pages and several web contents.They always search in the web for fresh data.
The crawler begins its work in a web page, with taking its url,title,keys etc, and then seeks for hyperlinks.Hyperlinks are links made in HTML language.Then the crawler browses those links and moves on its way.So its quite important that we need to have perfect links in our page.certain simple efforts can make a good result.Check
if you want to know about that.

In the a case of a crawler TEXTING is a must thing.That need powerful and fresh texts in the page. Letters in bold or italic, font colors, font size, paragraphs and tables are some factors in crawlers process.Actually a crawler converting all your HTML files TO XML files.So they can make use of that.

Many of the website owners(not professional) and bloggers are unaware of the fact,how those results end up there,from where they are coming.The crawlers saves a copy of the visited page so they could easily index it later.So a Crawler is a spider or robot too.These are programmed and completely should know some interesting

I am just going back to the past.Tell the history of Crawlers.The first crawler was the World Wide Web Wander in 1993.Was developed by MIT and it's purpose was to measure the growth and development of the web.In the beginning time Crawlers can only index specific bits of web page such as meta tags.Then many expert programmers and excellent geeks made the Crawler a RoboSpider of this century.As a result now they are able to index other information, including text, ALT tags, images and even other non-HTML content such as PDF , .DOC files and more.

AS i said the a crawlers process begins with an authorized (submitted) URL.The crawler never
, it only goes out and gets copies of pages, and forwards to the search engine to later index and ranking according to various aspects.The major well known crawlers are GOOGLEBOT , MSNBOT and SLURP.When they comes to your website, they request a file called "robots.txt."This robots.txt file has commands of which files the Crawler can request, and which files or directories it's not allowed to visit.The "robot" file can used to limit specific spiders access to any or all of the site, and can also be used to control how many times the crawler visits the site.If you do not have a "robot.txt" file , crawler will assume it is OK to index your site.The crawler Googlebot, is built upon a text based web browser called Lynx.It is important that,i must tell you one thing also.Before submitting you must check your site with hardware issues, platforms and browsers.Because these crawlers often make conflict with Web servers,Internet Explorers,Firefox,Mozilla Explorers.

Even then If your platform or any other aspect creates an issue, and it denies crawling,Do not worry.The crawlers are smart enough to leave and come back later and try again.Hope we shared something.If you like this article,you want share something ,please ,Let me know that.


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An Explanation tip is a footnote at the bottom of the page in a book. While reading a book if you see a symbol like an asterisk ,your gaze is automatically diverted to the foot of the page for the detailed explanation.In New Blogger every post is an independant page. You can also put Footnotes in your post using HTML tags.If you have statement like " Bethoven's symphony* is great".The reader will look for the explanation tip for "SYMPHONY*".You can also add numbers in that place for direct the readers to an explanation field.

It is done by using the superscript tag.Type the


code in Edit Html tab of Post Editor when creating your post and you will get the letters enclosed above your line.When the reader comes across such a superscript when reading a book he automatically looks at the bottom of the page for details on explanation tip. In a web page this is done by converting '1' into an anchor link pointing to the footer of the page. To do this ,use this code :

<a href='#SYMPHONY TIP'>1</a>

Now the number is converted into a link. The full code is :

<a href='#SYMPHONY TIP'><sup>1</sup></a> .

Now you must provide a target for the link so that when the readers clicks on '1' the page rolls down immediately to the Explanation tip at the bottom. At the bottom of your post type

<a name='HTML'>SYMPHONY TIP</a>

Check this out by clicking on '1' at the top and the page will roll down immediately to the explanation at the bottom.
Know how to add make a perfect BLOGROLL for a better ranking in google.

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varun's blogger tips

A blog post title with good keywords is very much important as the content in it.Adding best keywords in the title can promote your blog's ranking in search engines.People prefer postings with natural aptitudes.posting in blogs is an essential way of getting traffic from many areas.That's why advertisers prefer blogs than websites to promote their products.Blogs are very much contemporary and extremely dynamic.Thus they can interact with readers.Readers can submit their reviews and comments in that blog itself.

Before you go for a good blog post,you should aware of blogger tactics.Lack of good keywords can affect the search engine rankings.Make sure that ,what your posts are about.Make a picture of matter you are going to write.Then write for two types of persons.One is genuine man and other is an automated algorithm.

I can help you much more than making your titles perfect.For the human readers you should have much potential in your articles or posts. The more relevant to the page’s content, the better the search engine traffic. you will get.After all Keyword optimization is only a part of on-page SEO, which means that it is a part of the optimization should be prepared inside your blog.The key factor is keywords can give your blog posts a boost in rankings or get your blog out of the first and most important search results. It all comes down to how well you’re using them and how relevant they are to your content.

Their are certain rules for keyword optimization.You must make sure some basic factors are proper.Make sure that you prepared your blog post title within following criteria.

1.Only use keywords relevant to your post not use a keyword "shirts" for an article about "money making".

2.Use different keywords for different blog post titles.Thus people can make a bookmarks free.Add apt keywords in your post title for a best seo.

3.Write your articles with the right keywords in it.If you are making an article about a "car", Try to use car accessories,car stereo ,like words.If you make it a little bit rich ,eg: free car accessories can make a bit of traffic more than simple car accessories.

4.Use your most important keyword in the title tag.Ranking of your blog is a matter of revenue also.

5.Use those keywords in the *META description too.Using the keyword in meta can make your traffic to go up.

6.Use the keywords in the title of your blog post and preferably in the first paragraph.

7.Edit the post permalink so that it contains the most important keyword.

8.Place the keyword a few more times [may 4-6,according to the article length throughout the article in a natural order.

9.Create back links to older relevant posts on your blog,make good anchor text to link to another post.

10.Avoid duplicating keywords in your META tags.*Search engine may get false impression of spamming.

11.Never Place a list of keywords in your title tag and META description. Write something natural and appealing to readers.

Adding keywords only for the technical strategy is unnatural, and it provides a negative user experience and will probably get you penalized by search engines.Making an effective post in blog is a tough task sometimes.You have to work hard.Research for the relevant keywords that are using by the public in your interested field.

For an information i can guide you to a fact.If you search "Smsgupshup tips" or "Smsgupshup tricks" in google, You can see my blog is having a good ranking.Matter is ,from that i am not getting millions of traffic.But i can maintain my blog ranking with that single keyword.That keyword is not a highly public domained one,but it has a relevance and is unique.So try to get keywords that are
unique and at the same time have a bit of popularity in public.

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I am giving you some cool links to download rare Tutorials.Some of them are mine,and some from the regular surfing.Who ever worked behind these,i am crediting them with respect.OK now i am giving one by one links.All links are very efficient and precious.But if you feel,you haven't got,what you are searching for.Don't worry just comment here,we will share some.

Most of the links are towards rapidshare.All files are present there,on the time of this work.So please download it as quick as possible,unless any error comes.

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Sk00l m3 ASM!! - Tutorial
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2.Perl language specified Tutorials downloads.
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3.Java Programming Tutorials Downloads

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